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World of Warcraft (WoW)  is a hugely popular “massive multiplayer online roleplaying game”  (mmorpg) which was created and released by Blizzard Entertainment. Taking its roots from their hit ‘Warcraft’ series in the 90’s, Blizzard piggy-backed on its success and transformed it into the best-selling ever mmorpg game. And holds the Guinness book of records for being the most played mmorpg.

Let’s get into the timeline of World of Warcraft, and then when Wowgoldpig comes into the picture:

2004: Blizzard released World of Warcraft to the masses called, The Fozen Throne. Several units and buildings are added for every race, including one hero per race and a player controlled shop.

2007 : A first expansion for World of Warcraft is released, called The Burning Crusade. An expansion for an mmorpg game is basically an addition of content, usually new zones (land areas in the game), maximum level increases can happen, new races/classes can be added as well.

2008: The second expansion for World of Warcaft is released, called Wrath of the Lich King. Here they added the first Death Knight which has 3 specializations.(Unholy, Frost and Blood). In the graphical improvements they include the use of shader on ice containing areas.

2010: The third expansion for World of Warcraft is released, called  Cataclysm. On this expasion the maximum player level is raised from 80 to 85. Evil dragon is the central plot of the expansion. Redesigning the Continents is one of their primary features. October the same year they released  Patch 4.0.1 entitled “Cataclysm Systems Patch”, followed by more Patches:

Patch 4.0.3a- “The Shattering” thousands of new quest from 1 to 60 is introduced and released on November 2010
Patch 4.1- “Rise of the Zandalari” added two new heroic 5-man dungeons, released on April 2011
Patch 4.2- “Rage of the Firelands” Dungeon Journal dragon is the new featured user interface and released on June 2011
Patch 4.3- “Hour of Twilight” final and major Patch for Cataclysm, released on November 2011

2012 (most probably) or 2013: On this upcoming expansion a lot of new features and the existing level cap is raised from 85 to 90 . Every player is exited about this but not yet released,called Mist of Pandaria.   To the south of Eastern kingdoms and Kalimdor located a new continent called Pandaria and to play host the new races that players would encounter, reaching a maximum level will players to fly in Pandaria. A new character class (Monk class) is introduced, like Jab, Monk uses a energy source to power basic capabilities. Players will for sure enjoy this Pet Battle system, and it offers 10 pet classes namely aquatic, beastly, critter, dragon kin, flying, mechanical, magic, humanoid, and undead. let us all be patient everyone… oink oink..

-March 21 2012 they opened Mist of pandaria for Beta testing-

Players/gamers can continue playing with out expansion Packs but these expansion Packs will allow access to a newer areas and content, expansion Packs also allow characters from further leveling up to level 60. With out the respective expansion Packs characters can not enter additional regions. So more expansion Packs means the more easy, exiting and fun the game is.

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